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Our Mission
At G A Career , our mission is to be a responsive and trustworthy HR consultancy service provider, offering our customers with unsurpassed staffing and outsourcing services that help our clients achieve their business objectives in today's competitive business environment.
  • Information Technology

    Information Technology

    Information technology undoubtedly is now the source of dramatic changes in our everyday lives, and such changes are particularly unrelenting to business practices in all sectors. Regardless of the complexity of the system or the size of the organization, information technology plays a critical role from maintaining everyday communications to safeguarding top secret data flow.
  • Telecommunications


    Telecommunications probably is the only industry that touches so many technology-related business sectors. Not only does it cover the traditional telephone service, but also the advanced technology-based services including fiber-optics, satellites, wireless communications, Internet, Cloud storage, VOIP and more.
  • Banking & Finance / Insurance

    Banking & Finance / Insurance

    The new and challenging regulatory issues, compliance standards and the unprecedented complexity of the global economy have redrawn the landscape of the banking, finance and insurance sector. What comes along with this shift is the transformation of skill sets and knowledge required from everyone involved in the circle. The best talent now must embody not only the highest ethical standard, but also the skills and attitude to be the true partners at all levels for our clients.
  • Sales & Marketing / Customer Service

    Sales & Marketing / Customer Service

    While the internet opens the gate for most businesses to a whole new universe, it also creates a hot battleground for sales & marketing and customer service. Encompassing companies both large and small, to conquer new markets and retain loyal customers whose needs are even new to themselves, organizations must first win the war for talent.
  • Logistics / Shipping

    Logistics / Shipping

    Influenced by globalization, outsourcing and the rapid growth of online shopping, Freight Forwarding, Logistics & Shipping have become the backbone of modern global supply chains and the essential component for any successful business. This area involves activities such as packaging, material handling, warehousing, transportation, inventory management, procurement, security, insurance, customs service…and the list goes on
  • Accounting & Audit

    Accounting & Audit

    Although the world of Accounting seemingly has plodded along without many changes since the turn of the century, there have been some significant tectonic shifts over the past years. Through capitalizing on the new technological trends and volatile economy, accounting practitioners are no longer merely bean counters but moving into strategic finance roles to help businesses identify development directions.
  • Human Resources & Administration

    Human Resources & Administration

    Playing the roles of both employee and company advocate, Human Resources & Administration often stand on a paradoxical position to help an organization manage its biggest challenge – people. This involves a wide range of activities covering recruitment and selection procedures, training, incentive compensation, performance management, succession planning, compliance, administering benefits, providing facilities and many others.
  • Others


    What happens in the rest of the recruiting world is often too inconspicuous for the recruitment “radar” to pick up. Coupled with our contemporary economic context, uncertainties and growing risks characterize the playing field. Hence the need to fill some positions becomes unpredictable, such as seasonal, temporary, part-time, casual and contract staff, also some positions for ad hoc projects or in niche markets.